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This Model 0345 Spectrum Storage Feeder is equipped with two sets of quick change orientor tooling. It feeds a family of thirteen shaft-like transmission parts for centerless grinding. A few of the parts are shown here to illustrate the variety of shapes. Longest parts are fed at about 150 pieces per minute. Specially engineered tooling and construction limits noise at 85 decibels.

Mounted on casters, this machine may be a real asset to the operation of your centerless grinders. Think about it....

Make Money, but...

...do it quietly. That is the demand of Federal environmental laws.

We, at Spectrum, build production parts feeders that make money reliably ....and quietly. So don't let noise scare you from the rewards of automation.

User our experienced team of noise specialists and time proven products. Call or write for the best answers to your parts feeding and assembly problems.


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