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Gentle Bin!

It's time proven and cost effective for bulk storage and metering fragile parts.

Compare Gentle Bin with traditional methods of retained orientation storage.

Call, write or drop in for the full story on Gentle Bin concept benefits for your parts.

Tracked to a Spectrum Gentle Bin storage unit, these finished planet pinion gears are lowered, by internal track, and gently accumulated to 20,000 pieces in random bulk.

First parts flow from the track and fill the bin bottom. When they build up into the track, counterweighted gates open at progressively higher levels for gentle, controlled fill action.

Upon demand, first-in parts are flowmetered from the bin bottom and reoriented to discharge via a stub track.

Fill and discharge action is gentle enough for many fragile parts that are stored, traditionally, in retained orientation.

Select a bin size (one to sixty cubic feet) with in and out feed points to suit your needs. Spectrum will tailor it to your part, using the time proven, economical, Gentle Bin concept.

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