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Plain ordinary...

...mechanical features are the basis of all parts feeders.

Creative selection and arrangement of those features is the basis of reliable performance.

Get your feeders from Spectrum; the people who know how.

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Bulk handling is commonplace for auto-feeding ball studs and tie rod ends before they are assembled.

After assembly (as pictured), the combination of weight and delicate threads forbids the use of bulk feeders.

This vertical indexing conveyor was created to provide a reliable feed system needing little manual attention in limited floor space.

Quickly loaded with manually oriented parts, the conveyor holds four hours of storage. An overhead ram pushes a group of parts from one cleat to an isolator and down a straight feed track.

An escapement releases one part at a time through a reorienting chute to a robotic pickup point for assembly to a vehicle.

The conveyor indexes after parts are cleared from each cleat. Another sensor calls for system reloading when storage is near exhausted.

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