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Magic carpet...

...is a good name for the rug-like surface in some vibratory conveyors.

Quiet, gentle movement of delicate parts is done by bristle-amplified vibratory motion.

Discover the possibilities of this unique feed method.

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Flat, rounded or vee bottom vibratory pan conveyors are furnished with a bristle carpet or urethane liner to move your parts.

Choose a pan shape, depth, width and length to suit your needs where quiet, gentle feed action is required.

Bristle carpet moves parts faster, quieter and a bit more gently than urethane. The presence of dirt, chips, fluids, harsh chemicals or a concern for wear could call for a urethane liner rather than the magic carpet.

In either case, the gentle forgiving action of a vibratory conveyor offers many benefits that a chain or belt system does not.

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