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...O.D. grinders from batches stored in portable stock gondolas.
They are docked to an elevating conveyor and parts are chuted to an orienting conveyor.

Guides are fed and flex tracked, end to end, to a vibratory live feed
exiting to the grinder rest blade at 190/240 inches per minute.

Seats are fed diameter to diameter, laying flat, out of the orientor.
A floating mandrel spears parts as they leave the conveyor.

Bends in the mandrel delivers them into a tube, face-to-face with axes horizontal.
The mandrel/tube is fitted to the vibratory live feed where Seats exit to the grinder rest blade at 64/82 inches per minute.

Orienting conveyor and live feed units are easily adjustable to follow the rest blade for wheel wear and part diameters.
Adjustable and replaceable tooling is stored, conveniently, on the machine.
Part changeover takes but 12 minutes.


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