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Bag'em With Speed And Accuracy...

for customer convenience and your profit.

Both feeders in THIS parts bagging system are tooled to handle specific Fasteners.

Bulk storage conveyors hold three cubic feet of parts. They are flow metered into bins of stepper elevators
which deliver them to vibratory straight-line orientors. Tracks carry oriented Fasteners to counting escapements and a bag loading funnel.

Orientor, track and escapement tooling is exchanged to handle OTHER parts.
No adjustments. Parts up to 5/16 inch diameter X 2 inches long can be handled. A third part could be bagged with another feeder.

Others furnished the bagger. Bags are taken from a reel and presented under the funnel to receive parts.
Bags are sealed and weighed for count accuracy.

Production: 2 pieces/bag @ 48 bags/min, 4 @ 38, 6 @ 32; etc.

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