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We Feed Rocker Arm Castings To A Machining Center By......

receiving stock gons (750 pieces) and dumping them, by rotary action, into an elevating conveyor,
then onto a metering/recirculation conveyor.
A final orienting conveyor gets them into an end to end, single path flow.
Sensors and pneumatic ejectors let only properly face and end oriented parts flow through.
Rejected parts recirculate for reorientation.

Oriented parts are live fed, escaped and presented for robotic loading into the machining center at 240 pieces per hour.

Sound pressure (noise) is limited to 85 Db(A) @ 5 feet for the 2.5 pound parts.

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Since 1969 Spectrum Automation Company of Livonia, Michigan has grown to be one of the world's leading manufacturers of parts feeding and handling systems.


Design, development and manufacturing innovation has been achieved for such diversified fields as automotive, farm implement, medical, hardware, food, and beverage.