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...parts like these?

Headed parts feeding is a Spectrum specialty.

Call, write, or drop in for the best answers for feeding your headed parts.

Screws, bolts, rivets and the like are fed near 400 per minute (up to 11/2 inches long). Longer parts are fed somewhat slower. Engine valves are fed at 100 per minute with a noise limit of 80 dBa.

A big family of ball studs is fed through one standard orientor at 90 per minute while limiting sound at 80 dBa. Part to part changeover is less than 10 minutes.

One bolt maker was threading more air than bolts. His feeders couldn't keep up with the thread roller. Spectrum feeders increased production enough to scrap plans for five new thread rollers.

We can distribute to multiple paths and escape to your assembly area too.

You'll profit with Spectrum. Let us show you how.

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