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Rings 'round this...

...family of Castings, (2.3 to 5.5 inch diameter X 0.2 to 0.63 inches thick; one part size at-a-time) is fed with maximum changeover of 15 minutes without the use of tools.

Fifteen cubic foot castered gons are pushed into a dumper "A" which lifts and discharges bulk parts onto a metering conveyor "B".

Metering conveyor delivers part to a 6 cubic foot reservoir "C" for elevation to an orienting system "D".

Parts are tracked laying flat, diameter to diameter, via a live feed conveyor "E" to escape onto a waiting mandrel "F". Parts hang face to face, axis horizontal in 5 to 6 inch batches.

There are 4 indexing mandrels to get loaded parts to a discharge position. Parts are then pushed face to face onto customer tooling.

Rates are 60 to 180 pieces per minute. All is done at 85 decibels sound pressure.

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