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Specialty of the House

This feeder gets a host of different pins, shafts, bushings and pistons (9/16 to 2 inches by 1-3/4 to 6-1/2 inches long) to our customer's centerless grinder.

In twenty minutes, tooling can be adjusted to feed any part in the range; yes, even parts with diameters exceeding their length. Twenty cubic feed of storage capacity gives hours of steady production at 200 inches per minute.

A silent chain, power feed conveyor moves a steady pressure stream of parts directly onto the grinder's rest blad. Similar conveyors are supported between grinders for subsequent through-feed semi-finish, finish and polish operations without extra handling.

High efficiency at a minimum; and helps in the noise department too. Noise pressure is below 85 decibels.

Best of all....it earns money for a satisfied customer.

...the best parts feeding machinery your can get.

Yes, the Spectrum people make feeders and accessories to do your job best; to make the most money for you.

Find out why production people, all over the world, get their machines from the Spectrum team.


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