Spectrum Automation is a manufacturer of custom
parts feeding and material handling machines

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Spectrum Automation Company is a Michigan Corporation founded in 1969. With principal offices in Livonia, MI, the Company designs, develops, and manufactures specialty parts feeding and material handling systems for such diversified fields as automotive, farm implement, fastener, medical, hardware, food and beverage, aerospace and munitions industries.

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Quality Design

The result of quality design, state-of-the-art equipment and experienced people is efficient fabrication – saving time and money while consistently building quality products.

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World Class

At Spectrum Automation, the emphasis on quality control is your assurance that every product is given thorough testing and inspection before delivery. Final product testing, including a thorough check and evaluation of individual parts as well as the complete system ensure product integrity prior to shipment.

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About Us

Spectrum Automation is a well-established firm as a manufacturer of custom parts feeding and material handling machines. We offer a full line of proprietary machinery primarily used to move parts and components through manufacturing and assembly environments.

Spectrum Automation manufactures an extensive line of products. Our full line of feeders includes small parts feeders, rod feeders, conveyors, lazy Susan feeders, large parts feeders and magnetic feeders. Other products include floorbin elevators with various orientors (vibratory straight-line, static gravity, conveyor), parts assembly units and parts orienting systems. Our equipment is designed to meet specific customer requirements for noise level, gentle handling, ease and speed of tooling changes, bin sizes and much more.