Rod Feeders Gravity Orienting Parts Feeder

Similar to toothpick dispensers, these Spectrum Rod Feeders will flowmeter shafts, billets, pipe and other rolling parts to magazines or pickoff units.

Reasonably straight, stiff parts are manually stacked, diameter to diameter, in the reservoir and metered by gentle agitation out a stub track.

Rod feeders will handle ranges of diameters and lengths. From fist width (for loading access) to a length/diameter ratio of 75:1, these units can feed part diameters from 1/8 to 2 inches. An optional side door, on the storage reservoir, will permit loading less than fist width parts. Adjustability can be provided for diameters and/or lengths.

Rod feed units have been built for 1/8" diameter by 6" long fragile copper tubes and for 2" diameter by 36" long sheared steel billets. Paper, wood, plastic, glass and rubber parts have been successfully stored and flowmetered with feeders of this type.

Escapements, conveyors and other part manipulators can by designed to fit the rod feeder stub track for meeting complete needs.

Low profile rod feeders can be furnished with elevating conveyors to get flowmetered parts to an overhead level.     

Special, remote loaded stock boxes can be placed directly into open frame rod feeders.

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