Floorbin elevators are used to store, elevate and bulk feed a wide variety of parts, over-the-top, to the reservoirs of various manipulators.

This brochure describes the simple application of floor-bin elevators, with suitable chute choices, for bulk delivery of parts. Other specific applications are covered in separate literature.


Choices of cleated belt, cleated chain or non-cleated magnetic elevators are available to suit part condition, size, shape and weight.

All Spectrum feeders are furnished with top mounted elevator drives, having standard commercially available components. Choices are available to suit power, production and flexibility needs.

Spectrum feeders include many time proven features for reliable, jam free performance. They were developed during extensive field experience by people with a prideful dedication to quality performance.

Consider the benefits of these prime features:


  • Jam free chain entry in bin bottom
  • Jam free elevator side guide angle
  • Reinforced top and bottom bin rims
  • Front and rear underbin access
  • Elevator angle set for optimum pickup and sure discharge
  • Premium quality elevator chain
  • Work hardening steel chain guides through bin
  • Lubricated

Study our list of popular options and accessories that may improve the utility and payback of your feeder choice.

  • Duty Rated Construction
  • Trouble Free Design
  • Proven Performance

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